Mid-Year Goal Check: Time to Refresh and Re-energize!

Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? Time flies when you’re busy—and you may be living your best life or maybe you’ve hit a bit of a slump. Either way, we’ve reached that perfect moment to hit pause, take a breath, and reevaluate those New Year’s resolutions or mid-year ambitions. Use this article as a way to practice self-reflection as you navigate the rest of the year.

Reflect on What’s Worked

Take a moment to think about the goals you set at the beginning of the year. What have you achieved so far? Celebrate those wins, big or small. Did you stick to your fitness routine? Manage to read more books? Maybe you’ve been better at practicing mindfulness. Give yourself credit where it’s due!

Identify What’s Not Working

Now, for the tougher part. What goals have fallen by the wayside? And why? It’s okay if you haven’t hit every target. Life happens. Maybe some goals were too ambitious, or perhaps your priorities have shifted. It’s all part of the journey. Recognizing what hasn’t worked is the first step to tweaking your approach.

Reassess and Realign

It’s time to ask yourself: Are these goals still meaningful? Do they still align with where you want to be? If not, it’s totally fine to let them go or adjust them. Your goals should serve you, not the other way around. Think about what’s important to you now. What excites you? What will bring you closer to your vision of a happy, healthy life?

Set New Intentions

With fresh insights in mind, set some new intentions for the rest of the year. Be specific and realistic. It’s all about setting yourself up for success. If your goal was to exercise more, maybe it’s time to try a new activity that excites you, like yoga or hiking. If you wanted to eat healthier, perhaps explore new recipes or meal prep ideas. Make your goals fun and engaging!

Create a Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Break down your new goals into manageable steps. What can you do today, this week, and this month to move closer to your objectives? Keep it simple and actionable. And don’t forget to track your progress. Whether it’s a journal, an app, or a trusty old calendar, find what works for you.

Stay Flexible and Positive

Life is unpredictable. Stay flexible and adapt as needed. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change course. And always, try to stay positive. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection. Celebrate every step forward, no matter how small.

So there you have it, a mid-year check-in to refresh and re-energize your goals. Here’s to a fantastic second half of the year, filled with growth, joy, and wellness. You’ve got this! Keep shining and striving for the best version of you. Cheers to your ongoing journey!


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