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Your ServSafe Benefits subscription provides you with resources to stay on top of your career goals and access to learning materials for continual growth opportunities.  

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Your ServSafe Benefits Learning Library offers interactive video courses and lessons on everything from personal finance to mental health to business skills.

Boost your skills with bite-sized lessons

  • Learn about personal wellness topics such as managing stress and fighting fatigue 
  • Enhance your business skills with topics such as becoming a leader and building a strategic relationship 
  • Learn about personal finance management with topics like debt payment plans and tool kits on lending and loans 
  • Explore culinary skills and other hospitality industry career and personal growth topics 

Access to a lifetime of learning

ServSafe Benefits subscribers gain access to webinars and events from leading industry professionals

Learn from top industry professionals

  • Maximizing Earnings
  • Personal Development
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Industry Trends
  • Marketing Insights

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ServSafe Benefits Elite subscribers gain exclusive access to expert-led virtual classes and elite events

Gain access to unique elite workshops and events

  • Learn from top industry chefs
  • Grow your business skills  
  • Learn from leading industry experts 
  • Expand your abilities to enhance business performance 

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ServSafe Benefits features a library of Blogs + Articles curated specifically to benefit individuals in the hospitality industry. 

  • Boosting Employee Loyalty: Expert Tips for Restaurant Retention and Engagement

    The restaurant industry faces unique challenges when it comes to employee retention. High turnover rates, demanding work hours, and the need for constant interaction with customers can make it difficult to maintain a stable workforce. These challenges are compounded by the necessity for staff to work harmoniously in a high-pressure environment. Not to mention, staff…

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  • Mid-Year Goal Check: Time to Refresh and Re-energize!

    Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? Time flies when you’re busy—and you may be living your best life or maybe you’ve hit a bit of a slump. Either way, we’ve reached that perfect moment to hit pause, take a breath, and reevaluate those New Year’s resolutions or mid-year ambitions. Use this article…

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  • Mindful Moments: Nurturing Mental Health Amidst a Hectic Schedule

    Where schedules are packed and deadlines loom large, taking care of your mental health can often feel like an afterthought. Here are some easy tips and best practices to help you maintain a healthy mind, along with a list of tools that can support you along the way.

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