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Individual Plans

Services included Premier

$7.99 / mo

$84.99 / yr


$13.99 / mo

$149.99 / yr

Teladoc services with 24/7 virtual doctors for you and your family* Yes Yes
Exclusive discount marketplace Yes Yes
Learning library and resources Yes Yes
Live webinars and events led by industry experts Yes Yes
Discounts on technology insurance for all your devices Yes Yes
Hospitality job board Yes Yes
Discounts on prescriptions and private, in-home health tests Yes Yes
Discounts on ServSafe training and exams Yes Yes
Financial wellness coaching and resources Yes
Included and discounted legal services Yes
Discounts on pet care, veterinary services, and purchases from Yes
Exclusive assistance program for help with personal issues Yes
Referrals for child and elder care Yes
Health savings on dental and vision care Yes
Chiropractic care savings Yes
Elite bootcamps from industry experts Yes

Residents in Vermont and Washington, please see available plans for your state.

For more information Browse FAQs.

*ServSafe Benefits has arranged for 24/7 telehealth services to be available to subscribers from Teladoc Health, Inc. A portion of each subscriber’s subscription fee will be collected and remitted directly to Teladoc for such services.