Executing a Successful Limited Time Offer 

Consumers are craving distinct food adventures when dining out. Limited time offers (LTO) are a great way to stir excitement for any menu and drive traffic to your restaurant, giving consumers an opportunity to be a part of a unique dining experience. In our interview with Felicia White, Director of Franchise Training, we discussed key training techniques to implement during an LTO period to help ensure a successful launch.   

 Here are some best practices to execute amongst staff:  

1. All role levels should be involved in the training process  
Front and back of house team members, management, and corporate staff should be involved in the training process to ensure everyone remains on the same page. For larger businesses, having a learning management system (LMS) in place can take it a step further by offering standard and customized versions of the training. For example, corporate staff can be assigned modules that go beyond key procedures while the restaurant-level version includes more specifics around the hands-on execution. 

Also, cross-utilizing departments such as incorporating the marketing team to provide FOH and BOH staff further insight into the promotional aspect and campaign process. Helping to improve collaboration and understanding of the new product item.  

2. Incentivize your staff to sell more     
Hold an incentive challenge tied to the sales of the LTO, you could even take it a step further by connecting the training as a part of the incentive requirement to help with the completion rate.  

3. Communication is key
Great employee communication keeps your restaurant running smoothly — and engages your employees to feel more team oriented. Holding regular team check-ins or increasing the occurrence of meetings can help keep operations on track and the ability to finetune any processes.  

4. Train for when you run out 
Limited supply and higher demand can lead to shortages. Guests are understandably disappointed when the promoted offer is not available. It’s imperative to keep in mind for those moments when you run out of the product and how to react and pivot. Having a back-up item based on a staple product, and proactively changing signage as you near depletion of your LTO.  

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