Creating a Positive Teamwork Culture: Delegation vs. Dumping 

Creating a positive teamwork culture is key to the success of any team or business, and delegation plays a major role. Delegation is an essential leadership skill, it requires trust, strategy, and clear instruction. Although it sounds easy in theory to delve out tasks, many times delegating can shift into dumping workload on an unsuspecting team member, causing stress and overload. However, when done well, delegation can lead to growth and development of your team’s soft or technical skills, in turn, helping managers to effectively balance their workload and focus on higher-stake priorities.

Why is Delegating Important? 

Delegation means assigning responsibility of a specific task from one person to another. Leaders and managers use this as a core tool to boost efficiency and productivity. Delegation not only helps the company’s bottom line but provides several other benefits from engaging team members to creating a positive work culture.

Are you Delegating or Dumping?  

Poor delegation is often referred to as dumping. It typically involves the following: 

  • A rushed deadline 
  • Unclear instructions 
  • Little to no support from authority figure  
  • No follow up on progress of task 

Dumping a task often leads to duplication of work because more than likely the deliverables will not be completed to adequate standards. Proper delegation typically involves:  

  • Setting a realistic deadline  
  • Clear instruction of requirements—followed by a check for understanding 
  • Providing access to support 
  • Ensuring progress—without micro-management  

How does Delegation Create a Positive Teamwork Culture? 

When you delegate tasks properly, you will notice that your team will respect you more and they will feel empowered by your trust. It can boost overall morale, reduce the turnover rate, encourage creativity, and promote ownership and autonomy. 

Delegating is simple at the surface level, but it’s a skill that must be honed and practiced over time. The better you become at aligning the right people with the right responsibilities, the more you, your team, and your business will flourish.

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