7 Traits You Need to Become a Great Leader Today

What makes a great leader? A leader will motivate and guide people, rather than simply managing tasks and procedures. A leader inspires trust and leads by example to employees. You can manage a group of people to reach a goal, but leaders reach that goal by encouraging and inspiring employees to achieve professional and personal success.

Great leaders are well developed in the following ways: 

Provide direction

Leaders communicate clearly about expectations. Let folks know about their role and responsibility, and how it fits into the larger framework of the team,

Lead consistently

Be fair and treat all employees with equal dignity and respect.

Influence others

The best leaders are willing to lead by example by demonstrating professionalism and engagement. This leads to satisfied employees, which means stronger performance from the team. Set the tone by showing your best self.

Motivate others

Communication is key to motivation. Folks need regular doses of feedback to enhance their performance, so it is important to create a deep sense of trust. Trust makes it easier to receive positive and negative feedback and is an important driver in improving employees. Provide a clear picture of what success looks like, and lead by participating in the team’s goals on the front line.  

Coach and develop others

Leaders have the ability to determine the strengths of their employees and can play a significant role in directing their career paths. Providing professional development or opportunities to enhance their skills makes the team stronger and keeps employees motivated.

Anticipate change

Plan well for what may come, but be ready to flex and pivot at a moment’s notice. Being flexible to change is critical to the success of all organizations. Being able to problem-solve on the spot for change is an asset.  

Foster teamwork

Great teams have a strong sense of trust and responsibility to one another. Understanding how all the roles and responsibilities weave together to achieve goals makes great teamwork possible. Keeping employees engaged through development and direction is motivating and contributes to continuous improvement.

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